Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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I was flattered to be included in Neighborhood SEEN’s Mother’s Day Guide and excited to share some of my favorite things! I thought I’d recap here and add a couple more things.

Bon Bon Bon // I am not a chocolate girl but I can never say no to a bon. The hand-crafted delicacies are perfection. Order online by Wednesday evening and get free shipping – try the Creme Brulee and Packzi!

Motor City Soap // I shared Motor City Soap and an interview with maker Caitlyn last year. The soap remains my favorite and I still want to take a class with Cara.

Love Taza Bag + camera case // I take this bag everywhere! I tote my camera and computer around for work during the week and on weekends I pack it with diapers, extra clothes, and snacks. It’s conveniently designed and very hardly.

The TEN Nail Bar // I’m very low-maintenance and self-care feels self-indulgent to me most times (I stress about the wasted time and money). That said, the most pampered and relaxed I’ve felt in a long time was when Kerry took us to get daytime manicures.

Magnolia Table // Those Gaines haven’t disappointed me yet so I have high hopes for the new cookbook.


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