Bedroom Updates


Bedroom (6)

Life is crazy 98% of the time these days. I feel like I’m failing at most things most days. I desperately want a few days without life responsibility to focus on my guys and get organized. Since that’s a pipe dream, I am finding SO much solace in our little house updates.

Our bedroom will not be making Pinterest boards but the little changes have had a huge impact on me. The room was fine before but it wasn’t complete and I knew it. We didn’t have curtains and as I’m quickly learning those expensive fabric panels are life changing.

I feel like an adult these days in large part because I know myself. I’m making decisions about what to buy and where to put things without consulting the internet or friends. Aside from my metabolism failing me I love being 30.

The addition of curtains, a mirror, a rug (from our living room – next update), side tables with much needed storage, a coat rack (something I never thought I’d get for aestheticĀ reasons – practicality comes with age), a little art and some old photos, our room has gone from being sparse to feeling lived in and I love it.

Our original room and what it looked liked a couple months ago.

Bedroom (5)Bedroom (2)Bedroom (7)Bedroom (1)Bedroom (3)

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