My goal for Saturdays is to blog. And whether it’s one post or a couple I save up – I enjoy writing and want to write for fun and not always for work. Food Meal planning is a struggle and so is keeping our food budget in check. It’s constant work in progress and I … More Currently

$5 DIY Art

The myth of social media is that most people have a perfectly curated home. I have felt so discouraged over the years seeing bloggers move to new (and bigger) homes and immediately share perfectly furnished photos. We’ve been in our house for 2 years and while we’ve made lots of progress – it is a … More $5 DIY Art

Bedroom Updates

  Life is crazy 98% of the time these days. I feel like I’m failing at most things most days. I desperately want a few days without life responsibility to focus on my guys and get organized. Since that’s a pipe dream, I am finding SO much solace in our little house updates. Our bedroom … More Bedroom Updates

Fast Four

Life is busy. One day it won’t be so in the meantime I’m embracing the chaos and doing my best. We’re going to see the Avengers tomorrow and I can’t wait but totally can wait at the same time. I fear my beloved Captain America will die and I just can’t. MARVEL is my happy space … More Fast Four

Our Dining Room

The best part about getting older is that things start to fall into place. I find this to be especially true with home decor. In our previous homes I’ve rushed to do some things that turned out to be unnecessary (mainly because we moved soon after). This time around I’ve taken the slow and steady … More Our Dining Room

Kitchen Update

This is a LONG overdue post but better late than never?! Renovating the kitchen was my number one priority with the new house but when we priced it out it was quickly axed.  There are always surprises when you buy a house and our biggest surprise was that our house was filthy – like seriously … More Kitchen Update

Our Bedroom

I have to admit I spend almost no time in here these days. Lucas is a fickle sleeper and for the longest time wanted to be held all night long. Now, I don’t necessarily have to hold him but I do have to be next to him for him to sleep. Since our bed is so … More Our Bedroom

Home, Sweet Home

We’ve been in our house for just over a month and I love it just as much as I did when B sent the Zillow listing. From the moment I stepped through the door it felt like home and now that I’ve painted the door ‘Lovebird pink’ I’ve appropriately marked my territory. After we got … More Home, Sweet Home