Nursery Inspiration: Captain America

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When I learned our baby was a boy, it was a challenge to figure out how I would connect with him. Girls I know, boys… not so much. Fortunately, it didn’t take me long  – 24 hours – to come up with a nursery theme that incorporated many of my loves and helped me envision things we can do together.

I’ve mentioned the Roosevelt Standard I strive for and my admiration for the Shriver family. I think it’s helpful to have models for behavior and, aside from being the most handsome Avenger, Steve Rogers aka Captain America exemplifies the character traits I’d want our son to have – plus boys love superheroes right?

It is important to both of us that the nursery isn’t cartoony; therefore, our take on The Cap is era based. This works well for me since the 1940s is my favorite decade and I’m a history major. Here are a few of our plans for Lucas’ bedroom:

  1. 1940s styled Detroit Poster: Our city love would make it hard to leave Detroit out of the nursery. Conveniently, we were the ‘Arsenal of Democracy’ in the 1940s and it’s a perfect connection.
  2. Album Art: When Danny and I first started dating we would drive around town and listen to Charlie Parker, Miles Davis and other jazz legends. A couple cd covers on the wall is a perfect tribute to our personal history and, I’ll also admit, it’s important for me to include some black culture for racial diversity as well.
  3. Striped Blanket: Stripes are a give in when it comes to America.
  4. Cherry Wood Crib: I get a vintage vibe with this crib and hope that the hint of red in the picture is also visible in person.
  5. Navy Footlocker: The Cap is a soldier and I can’t think of a better toybox. I also created a medal box for some ‘military’ flare.
  6. Captain America Shield: An absolute must – it will also be convenient toy when Lucas is older.
  7. Star Light: I’m not sure how practical this pendant will be but we both love it and are ready to risk more poor lighting in our house.
  8. Roosevelt accents: Presidential portraits always graced the walls of homes back in the day and there is no way my favorite family is being left out. FDR’s picture will be part of a wall collage and an Eleanor quote because gender equality is very important.

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