Happy Friday!

What a week! I was busy from start to finish. It felt great and there’s no letting up. This morning I went to a productive breakfast meeting and will be ending it with Mom and Aunt Margaret at the DIA.  I strive to meet what I call the Roosevelt Standard and I feel like I’m closing in.  The Roosevelt Standard is living up to the productive nature of Franklin and Eleanor.  Considering the timeframe in which they lived, I believe it’s impossible for anyone to be as accomplished as they were; therefore, I would never attempt to match their accomplishments.  That said/written, I want to live an accomplished, meaningful and productive life on my own scale.  I think I’m on the right track and it feels fantastic.
This new lifestyle is action packed.  As noted I’ll be at the Detroit Institute of Art this evening for a film presentation and panel discussion.  Tomorrow I am getting up very early to exchange some clothes at the outlet mall. The sweaters I bought last week are too big! I’ll also pick up my pin board from Cara’s because Matt graciously finished it up for me.  It’s another Gwen day and I’ll rush home to get her in time.  We initially considered taking her to the Harvest Festival on Belle Isle but the weather is expected to be horrible.  Instead we might visit the library and curl up with some books.  We’re also bringing dinner to Mr. B for the Irish game and hanging out with Brett and Lindsey after that.  Sunday is undecided.  I may require the morning to rest up but I could also knock on some doors for the good of democracy.  In the evening there is an author reading at Signal Return I would really like to attend; however, our anniversary is Monday and we might go to dinner instead. I might also need a nap…

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