Happy Friday

flower house, Detroit, Hamtramck

For months I was looking forward to visiting The Flower House – a unique art installation in an abandoned home in Hamtramck. My work-buddy and go to garden guy, Paul, was going to go with me. I very naively put off purchasing tickets and now they are all sold out! I’m beyond disappointed because this is probably one of the coolest things I’ve seen in the city in awhile but a lesson learned in procrastination. Since I won’t be able to post about a visit, I decided to share some of their Instagram pics. Isn’t it beautiful?

Weekend plans. Tonight we’re going on a double date with Raechel and Carlos – it’s probably been 5 years since we’ve done that. I have seen Raech in the interim but even that has been too long. Tomorrow is the Big Michigan State v. Michigan game. It will be a nail-biter for sure! We’ll also hang with the Hakalas for the first time in forever. Since we’ll be missing our weekly Irish game with Mr. B on Saturday, we’ll go to his house for the Lions game. Danny and I have been doing weekly NFL picks and I had a good run – this week we’re going against the spread and I’m nervous. We only agreed on one team so it will be an exciting weekend waiting to see how we fare (so far I’m behind a game). I’m also working on a DIY sewing project that will keep my hands busy during gametime.

P.S. My garden hopes for next year

Photo Source: The Flower House Instagram

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