Lucas’ Nursery

After months of careful preparation it’s finally time to reveal Lucas’ nursery!


As previously noted, the inspiration was 1940s Captain America. Roosevelt era history is my passion and something I hope Lucas will also appreciate. I love MARVEL movies/Netflix and it’s a ‘boy’ thing. The Cap is my favorite so it is the perfect blend. Not to mention Detroit was the Arsenal of Democracy during the war. Honestly, I can’t imagine anything more perfect.


My first maternal act was to hand sew a superhero training center for Lucas (a.k.a. tummy time mat). This Land of Nod playmat is all the rage in the blog world and was my general inspiration but I really went at it with no template or solid plan. It was surprisingly easier than expected and only took a solid week of cutting and sewing to complete.

I’m so ready for this little boy, he’s got a few items that will have to wait to be used. One of my favorites is this bomber jacket for when he DisneyBounds as Steve Rogers. I’m already planning the photo shoot on the plane we bought for his first birthday….

The poster was an exciting and unexpected find from the Detroit Mercantile Company. I couldn’t have designed anything more perfect and definitely never found anything else close to what I wanted.


Wall collages are a nursery staple and Danny sanded and painted my old dresser for the base (we found the right color after one failed attempt). I brought together all of my/our favorite things: an Eleanor Roosevelt quote (to encourage feminism), a picture of me and Danny that will eventually be replaced with a picture of the three of us, a presidential portrait, a mirror for Lucas to distract himself in case he inherits my vanity, an aerial shot of 1940s Detroit (a postcard from DMC),  a surprisingly difficult to find metal L (seriously, I found ONE in the clearance section at Michaels), a Captain America shield, color coordinated jazz album covers because Danny loves music, we both love jazz, and its an ode to our black American heritage.


My favorite pieces are Chester the bunny (Danny named him and his feet has stars that match the theme!) and my Fala from the FDR Presidential Library in Hyde Park. The metal box is another tie in to the Captain America theme. The Mercantile Company had the Detroit flag badge and mini Detroit pins to reflect our 313 pride.


I love to read and I really want Lucas to love it too. We have this incredibly comfy reclining glider that I plan to spend many, many, many hours in. Mom and B got us virtually every BabyLit book out there and I already had a few of my favorite picture books that I will happily pass on to Lucas.


I never thought I’d want a mobile but when I saw this airplane mobile I couldn’t resist and ordered it immediately.


Another military must was the foot locker/toy chest. Aunt Mikki gave it to us at the shower and it was such a nice surprise because I really didn’t think anyone would get it for us. Right now it stores more diapers than toys but I expect that will change. The curtains are also from The Land of Nod and exactly what we wanted – a multiple striped pattern would look WAY too much like candy canes. The MomRoo is the signature blog mom piece that I hope will entertain Lucas  – especially on Grandpa B Mondays.

There you have it – my overly detailed nursery blog post but it’s my favorite room in the house. I look at it every night and feel proud and relieved that I’m at a place in life where our little guy can have his own decorated bedroom. After Mom sufficiently traumatized me (in a good way) about being a single/teenage parent, it feels amazing to have everything happen exactly like you wanted it to. I feel so happy and unbelievably fortunate to have an amazing husband and our Lucas – I couldn’t and wouldn’t ask for anything more.

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