Happy Friday!


Few things make me happier than Danny quoting a Dave Ramsey philosophy or telling me how he recommended the plan to someone. I’m so proud of how far we’ve come and year one of debt-freedom was fantastic. We didn’t track our spending in 2015 but our general sensibilities kept everything on track and we were able to build a nice nest egg. It’s so refreshing to not have to worry about money. Those stupid Detroit tickets were a pain but I didn’t need the city offered payment plan. Our dryer broke and a matching combo replacement was pricey but nothing we needed to flinch at. We don’t even worry about car repairs because the worst case scenario is a new (used) car. Debt freedom cannot be over hyped. More than anything it eliminates the financial fights that are common and detrimental to relationships. We have very little to argue about and making the bed is the area of the most contention. The Dave Ramsey plan not only helped with our finances but it strengthened our relationship. If you’re married, single or otherwise I highly recommend checking out The Total Money Makeover – it really can change your life.

As for this weekend, it will be laid-back. Since we are focusing on our finances again we’re in hermit mod and tightening our belts. Tonight Danny is brewing with Cory. Saturday, Chris and Emily are coming over for dinner and a game night. Sunday, Gina will come over to chillax. The nesting mode is starting to kick in and I really want to get our house in order. I also plan to read and practice photography since it will really help with the new job.

P.S. Some success stories/inspiration

Photo Source: Simple Pursuits

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