Gina and I hang out every Sunday night and it’s about to get a lot more interesting. She’s got a week on me and a mystery baby (I’m hoping it’s a boy too. In the meantime, we’re putting on a good (make-up less) face for these final weeks. Other updates:

Hopeful that we’ll break even on income v. spending this month (or at least come close). A HUGE accomplishment considering we bought a washer/dryer and renewed our car insurance.

Reading a LOT! The Smiley books I wrote about. I read Mindy Kaling’s latest and enjoyed it. And I’m finally back at my Christmas book – City On Fire.

Eating sea salt chocolate chip cookies from Avalon. It’s the only sweet I’ve allowed myself this year and no shame – they are delicious!

Feeling anxious. My pregnancy symptom is definitely paranoia. I worry about Lucas all the time. He still doesn’t move enough for me and it’s so hard to not panic. I’m bracing myself for this as my new normal because I can’t imagine I’ll be any more calm once he’s born. I already wake Danny in his sleep to see if HE’S breathing and he’s 32 [Note: he does not appreciate my concern]

Watching sports. I didn’t expect the Broncos to pull out a win and I’m so glad the Panthers did. The Super Bowl will be fun! We continue to watch almost ever Pistons game. I’m not sure they’ll make the playoffs this year but they’re on the right track. We went to Ben Wallace’s jersey retirement game and it was AWESOME!

Planning our hospital bags and birth plan. Suggested items and hospital advice welcome. My anxiety in some areas is tempered by my relaxed approach in others. Ironically, I’m pretty hands-off in the areas I have a relative amount of control in.


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