In The Hurricane’s Eye


A little home piece/book review – I’ll start with the latter.

My Book of the Month selection for September was Nathaniel Philbrick’s In the Hurricane’s Eye. It’s one part naval history and one part George Washington bio. WW2 has always been my main interest so my knowledge of the Revolutionary War has been centered on the politics of the era more than the details of the war itself. Until now, I never understood how vital the naval support from France and Spain were in America’s eventual victory – and in my defense Philbrick feels that it is a common gap in Americans knowledge and was partly inspired to write the book for that reason.

I selected the book because my love of Hamilton (the Musical) made me really appreciate George Washington and I’ve been interested in learning more. It’s amazing to me how he risked everything to fight a war that seemed doomed throughout. Colonists/Americans were not supportive of the cause and  the number of men serving under him was half or less of what the French brought to fight. Consequently, the Commander-in-Chief depended a lot on his reputation and grace to have any clout with the French military leaders. Not only did he often lack the confidence of the French, his army was tenuous in their own confidence in him because Congress wasn’t paying them. It’s really a miracle mixed with multiple mistakes by the British that helped lead us to independence.

The other person of interest is Lafayette. In Detroit alone, so many things are named for the Marquis but I don’t know too many details of his life. Specifically, how did he end up in America AND survive the French Revolution? I want to find a good book on him to learn more.

That’s the book end of things – if you want to learn more about the Revolutionary War/George Washington’s final battles of the war, check it out.

On the home front, my eye of the hurricane is the reading nook. I shared a lamp and table I wanted for the little space in the basement over a year ago and Danny surprised me with them for Mother’s Day (this is part behind on bloggging/part I only recently put the finishing touches on the space). We moved a chair we’ve had for nearly a decade to the corner, I moved around some pictures I had hanging in other areas of the basement and now it’s the perfect place to read/stare in awe at the mess Lucas (aka my little hurricane) can create downstairs.

I lack the designer eye when it comes to wall art but I love what I pieced together for my corner. Lots love, Ralph Waldo Emerson inspired quote, family pictures that represent the Loving case, Trayvon Martin and the Fearless Girl, and a picture of the Obamas walking with Representative John Lewis in Selma – a reminder that even though we have a long way to go, we’ve come a long way too.





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