Reading Nook

Reading Nook.jpg

Our big household projects are nearly complete – like this week complete! It’s such a relief and honestly I’ll be content with the state of the house; however, a girl can dream!

There are a few decor items that I’d like to finish out the space and with the pallet wall finally being finished a reading nook tops the list. We (and seriously everyone else in Livonia) went to Target Friday night and it’s a miracle I didn’t walk out with the lamp. I was also thrilled to see the chair because I’ve been storing a pair of very similar wood armed chairs at my mom’s for years. I’ve been anxious to get them over where because they are vintage and really cute (they also need cushions). I’m picking up the map this week and I’m hard pressed to pass on a trip to IKEA.

Floor Lamp $90

Wood Chair $160

Table Tray $30

1923 Corktown Map $35

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