Life Lately

We’re keeping busy over here. Life is good and in a world where life is hard, I don’t take anything for granted. So here’s a glimpse at our weekend adventures.

Danny and Lucas spent the day together and I invited my mom over for an occasion other than babysitting. Kat came over for our regular hang-out. We didn’t have anything in mind to watch (although in December it will definitely be The Crown season 2) and ended up watching Z – The Beginning of Everything, the story of Zelda Fitzgerald which will inevitably be depressing. Lucas joined us for the evening festivities because his bedtime routine is a disaster.


The weather was good and I wanted to visit Belle Isle. We managed to get Mr. B to tag along and had a good time. We went downtown to Vincente’s Cuban Cuisine and at on the patio. It was PERFECT for Lucas and the best restaurant experience with him yet because the city distracted him and he would get giddy excited for the ‘train’ aka People Mover. Belle Isle was beautiful, we went to the Dossin Great Lakes Museum and the Conservatory. Lucas LOVED the museum and there was an extravagant wedding at the Conservatory that was fun to witness.

Danny and I had to run 3 miles so Lucas spent some quality time with Bacca (his nickname for my mom) and Aunt B. He’s a big Aunt B fan and they have a great time playing with her drums and purple pen. Lucas went to bed at a decent hour so Danny and I cuddled up and did our annual couples review. It’s a fun activity and helps us reflect on our marriage while looking forward.


Dancing in the street



Lucas wanted to play in the fountain.

Lucas and B20862172_1030002967135885_619896269_o 

Lucas and I met up with Cara, Lily and Emily. Lucas is very sweet with the girls, he tries to tell them apart, give them their toys and share his goldfish. The little ladies are getting to be such big girls it makes me so happy to see them. Danny had a guy’s day so Lucas and I had an epic lazy Sunday – naps, cuddles, books, snacking and ‘Elmo Street’ – I LOVED every minute of it.

After our struggle running three miles the day before a seven mile run seemed impossible. We decided to change it up by running on the track and brought pennies to record the laps, it was a fun distraction. I’m really proud of the run because we ended at top speed. While we ran 7.12 miles in 1:23 minutes Lucas had more quality time with Bacca, Aunt B and Bear. Lucas has a great imagination and loves to take care of his stuff buddies – this includes feeding them and it can get messy. Adventures at Grandma’s wore him out so here I am blogging, working and getting ready for week ahead…. hahaha wishful thinking, boy genius was up ALL night practicing his words.

Lucas Lily and EmLily and EmLucasLucas and Bear_1run

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