The Eastern Market District


It’s no secret that Eastern Market is my Detroit go-to recommendation and travel destination for visitors to the city. Whenever I want to dispel preconceived notions about Detroit, I always make plans for a Saturday morning. The sight of hundreds of people of all ages and backgrounds, fresh flowers and produce, food trucks and street music disarms the biggest skeptic.

But here’s the thing. My recommendation has always had with an asterisk. Visit Eastern Market* on a Saturday morning. Visiting Detroit during the week? That’s a bummer…

Not any more! In what feels like an overnight transformation, Eastern Market has become a District in Detroit. Saturday Market Day is better than ever AND you can find things to do any day of the week now. From restaurants to retail, gyms, art galleries and more, there is so much to do beyond the standard thoroughfare.

We stopped by and snapped pictures of a few of the new spots in Eastern Market (and we didn’t even cross the bridge to check out the latest on Gratiot). If you haven’t been to the Market you must go, if you haven’t been in awhile you MUST go!

The D String


Detroit City Distillery
3DOGS1CAT Urban Pet Shop
Beau Bien Fine Foods



This is my favorite picture. Lucas pulled out my credit card and paid for this coffee. He was hilariously indigent when the kind woman behind the counter tried to hand me the card instead of him. He proceeded to put it back in my wallet and zip it up. He also drank this very delicious coffee of mine (NOT the entire thing but he nursed a couple sips).

Jabs Gym
The Detroit Robot Factory – 826 Michigan


The 37th Shield Library


The loves of my life and their go-to expressions.


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