Gratiot Avenue

I was out on the town this weekend and with 75 closed for construction, I was taking side streets.  I love driving through the city and since we don’t have typical big city traffic it’s a smooth ride.*  Since I was the driver and needed to pay more attention to the road than my surroundings, Gina and I hopped in the car yesterday during lunch to do some sight-seeing.**

Our destination was Gratiot. Gratiot Avenue is one of Detroit’s thoroughfares – the signature of the Eastside.  It cuts through Eastern Market and Lafayette Park but is doesn’t attract the attention or development of other areas.  This has bothered me for years because there are beautiful storefronts that were obviously popular at some point.  I’ve been waiting for things to happen on this block and it looks like the time is now.

Antietam detroit

I’ll start by saying the block isn’t void of activity, Trinoscope (a cafe/gallery/music venue) opened in 2013 and it looks like there is some life behind other closed doors.  As luck would have it not all the doors were closed, we came across an open one and saw a couple gentlemen sitting at a vintage bar.  I couldn’t help but pop inside to find out what they were up to.  Turns out they’re opening a restaurant in a few weeks!

In true Detroit fashion our unexpected visit was welcomed.  We were invited to look around and take pictures.  The restaurant, Antietam, is scheduled to open in a few weeks.  I checked out the menu online and it looks as unique as the building. Oysters, zucchini vichyssoise, bone marrow, Moroccan steak and, my favorite, cheese beignets – to name a few items.

Antietam detroit
The two building restaurant has been beautifully restored.  Not everything inside or out of the building is original to the structure but it’s loyal to the time period.  I know this because The New York Times interviewed the owner! This was a blow because when we arrived I was thrilled at the prospect of beating them to the punch (Note: if you really want to find out about fun happenings in Detroit – read The New York Times).  C’est la vie.  In the meantime, I’ll patiently wait for the opening, a future date-night and blog post.
Antietam detroit

*Figuratively speaking ofcourse, Michigan is notorious for its bad roads.
** For a point of reference, this block is a 5 minute walk from Eastern Market and a 20 minute walk from Campus Martius.

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