Stache International

Eastern Market is my go-to place to introduce people to the city. It’s fun and filled with people and it’s impossible for anyone to go there and not have a great time (believe me I’ve taken a lot of Detroit skeptics). Saturday Market Days are always fun but after the tour I’ve always ended up … More Stache International

How To Market

It’s no secret I love showing off the city. My favorite way to start the introduction is by taking people to Eastern Market, it’s impossible to do anything but love it and it’s the quickest way to defeat stereotypes. Since Melissa knows my tour loving ways, she asked me to take her for a market day. … More How To Market

Inner State Gallery

I’m a 90s girls so ofcourse I love fairy-tales – Disney fairy-tales specifically. When I heard about the Inner State Gallery’s Glass, Cinder & Thorns III exhibition, I wasted no time checking it out. An added bonus of the exhibit is that it is located on Gratiot Avenue. As previously noted, Gratiot has beautiful storefronts … More Inner State Gallery

The Top 10

It’s always interesting to see what blog post end up being popular. It often seems random and the posts I’m most excited for don’t get a lot of traffic or posts I feel could have been done better get lots of hits. Interestingly, my most popular post of all time is the International Literary Project … More The Top 10

Chez Chloe Follow-Up

  This time last year I decided to convert my personal blog into a public Detroit blog. It’s been an interesting and exciting and to celebrate I wanted to look back at some of the things I did in those early weeks. One of my first interviews was with Chloe Sabatier of Chez Chloe. Danny … More Chez Chloe Follow-Up

DeVries & Co

In a city not known for its grocery stores, DeVries & Co. is both essential and a destination.  Located in the heart of Eastern Market, the architecture alone is worth the visit.  The building was constructed in 1893 and has detail and character you never find with new construction.  The old world charm extends to … More DeVries & Co