Inner State Gallery

I’m a 90s girls so ofcourse I love fairy-tales – Disney fairy-tales specifically. When I heard about the Inner State Gallery’s Glass, Cinder & Thorns III exhibition, I wasted no time checking it out. An added bonus of the exhibit is that it is located on Gratiot Avenue. As previously noted, Gratiot has beautiful storefronts that I feel are inexplicably under utilized. I gathered during one of my blog visits that there was more activity on the block than met their eye and I was right. Next to Antietam is Inner State Gallery. The fresh, open space and fairly large gallery excites all the big city feeling I crave.

Mimi Yoon: Once Upon A Time No More & Kelsey Beckett: The Rose Elf

I love art and maintain strong admiration for artists. The magic created from a pencil or paint brush astounds me. These paintings by Mimi Yoon and Kelsey Beckett are my favorite. Yoon’s Snow White appears sassy and living, it feels like she can burst through the frame at any moment. Beckett’s Elf is surprisingly peaceful, considering she’s holding a skull.

The painting I especially loved was abstract. I’m always surprised by how captivated I can be by something that appears ‘simple’. I would love to see an artists create this kind of work in person because I find it stimulating, know I can’t recreate it and don’t understand it. My pictures don’t do these pieces justice, the colors are vibrant, girlie and fun.

Lady Diva: Reign, Depth, and Give & Take

Inner State Gallery is located in the Eastern Market corridor and open Saturdays 11am-4pm. The Glass, Cinder & Thorns III exhibition runs till April 25th.

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