MSU is in the Sweet Sixteen (again)* and I’m hoping they have a nice run. Since I graduated from the University of Michigan-Dearborn, people are sometimes surprise to know I’m all about the green and white. I love my alma mater but the truth is we’re the Wolves and not the Wolverines. Regardless, I root for Sparty because of my Aunt Sharon. She received her PhD from the university and was a staunch fan. As much as she loved and was proud of B, she could not bear to buy the big block M. When she passed away a few years ago it was heartbreaking and I decided to carry the green and white banner in her honor.

I think about Aunt Sharon every day but a perk of supporting the best football and basketball team in the Big 10 is that I get bonus reminders. Go Green!

*MSU holds the record for the most Sweet 16 appearances since 2008

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