Happy Friday!

We made it another week and to celebrate Danny and I are spending tomorrow in bed. My ideal days tend to involve a lot of activity but Danny is much more of a homebody. He often suggests a day spent in bed and that’s what we’re going to do. He says this more in jest – namely to get out of a day of activity – but I think it’s a good way to spend quality time together. I’ll be loading up the room with books and games for entertainment. We’ll have the laptop to cuddle up and watch tv remotely or a movie. Life goes by so quickly and I feel we never get enough time together with no distractions so tomorrow will be dedicated to us. I won’t even keep my phone on me so all emergencies will have to wait until Sunday.
Hopefully, there are none though because Don and Jessica are coming for breakfast. It’s a last minute plan and I’m excited to see them. Then we’re going on a blogging adventure with Gina, Garrett and Cindel. Then Gina will come over in the evening for Once Upon A Time (and wine).
Photo Source: Le Love

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