Sea Life

A couple weeks ago I received the most unexpected email inviting me to visit Sea Life, I gladly accepted and this post was created in partnership with Sea Life Michigan. Sea Life is an aquarium adventure located inside Great Lakes Crossing Outlet Mall. This would seem odd if I didn’t know the Grand Ole Opry is located at the exact same mall equivalent in Nashville.

Sea Life is next to the Rainforest Cafe and extremely popular. If our tickets hadn’t been set aside we wouldn’t have been able to go because it was sold out. Consequently, if you go – reserve your tickets. The ornately designed setting is fun to explore and the sea is definitely the main attraction. Entrance is timed to keep congestion to a minimum and allow visitors the opportunity to explore. There are even hands-on exhibits to elevate the experience.

My favorite part was watching Cindel enamored by the fish. It was so sweet to watch her discover new things and it’s easy to understand why it is a popular destination for families.

Admittedly, aquariums in malls aren’t my thing – this is a city blog after all. I like to walk and explore but for those who are more comfortable in a suburban setting and enjoy the convenience of having parking, shops and restaurants strategically located, it is nice. The staff is friendly and it’s clean, modern and engaging. We couldn’t benefit from the playscape but we still spent an hour exploring Sea Life and it made for a nice afternoon.

More pictures under the cut!

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