Happy Friday!

These two fella can drive a girl crazy but they take good care of me. This week Danny made us dinner and Dad brought me Haagen-Dazs ice cream bars. This is a big deal because the man LOVES Edy’s slow-curned and HATES spending money. Buying me Haagen-Dazs is on par with buying me a car. … More Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!

We made it another week and to celebrate Danny and I are spending tomorrow in bed. My ideal days tend to involve a lot of activity but Danny is much more of a homebody. He often suggests a day spent in bed and that’s what we’re going to do. He says this more in jest … More Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!

Valentine’s Day weekend is not something we go out the way for but we do use it as an excuse to buy something we want and go out to dinner. If the day has any value outside of Hallmark, it is to feel loved and appreciated.  Fortunately, I feel that way all the time and … More Happy Friday!


Growing up I dreamed of having a surprise party.  Probably because I loved being the center of attention and wanted an event that was all about me.  Thankfully, I out grew most of my narcissism.*  With time I gave up my thoughts about surprise parties and my interest in birthdays entirely.  I’m not anti-birthdays but … More Surprised!

Year Two

I recently had an interesting conversation with my sister about marriage and it forced me to articulate my thoughts on the lovely institution.  I previously mentioned that there are time I don’t feel married.  As it usually happens – you live and learn.  I have since come to the conclusion that it’s not that I … More Year Two