Happy Friday!

These two fella can drive a girl crazy but they take good care of me. This week Danny made us dinner and Dad brought me Haagen-Dazs ice cream bars. This is a big deal because the man LOVES Edy’s slow-curned and HATES spending money. Buying me Haagen-Dazs is on par with buying me a car. We’re a fun group and our weekly dinners are a treat, I never know what to expect but it’s always good for some laughs. We’d make a great web series: loud, liberal daughter-in-law, carefree husband and anxious, conservative father-in-law. Heck it was probably a 90s sitcom at some point.
Tonight I see Melissa for the first time since her big move west. The epicenter of my inner circle continues to shift towards the boonies. Saturday, I’m going to do some blog work and real work. I’m also meeting Cara for a long walk or trip to the movies – it’s weather contingent. Sunday is my sister-in-law’s bridal shower. It should be a fun event. The OUAT saga continues with Gina – I can’t imagine what tptb have up their sleeve this week. And I’ll wrap up the weekend with some Game of Thrones. It’s kind of cruel our free HBO ends mid-way through the season.

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