Fast Four

  We’re teaming up with Danny’s sister, Ann, and running in the Purplestride 5k downtown on June 17th. We’re running for their mom who died from pancreatic cancer nearly 5 years ago. Plants, pillows and presence all things I want for our house. I enjoy the home tours on Cup of Jo but this one … More Fast Four

Weekend Update

No, I haven’t forgotten about the blog. Life has simply been so busy that I have a hard time balancing it all (another blog post). So here a few weekend highlights (aka evidence of the activity): Friday: We celebrated Granny’s 71st birthday with a family dinner after work. Saturday: We traveled across the state to … More Weekend Update

Baptism Luncheon

I love to throw a party and Lucas’ baptism was a perfect reason to celebrate. Since he’s such a popular boy, we had far more guests than space at our house and rented the clubhouse. Initially, I wasn’t going to do too much in way of decor but after reading about Anna’s birthday party for … More Baptism Luncheon

Feeling the Love

  I’m not usually a big Valentine’s Day person but February feels extra special now and, inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, I want to make the holidays extra special. Still budget conscious, I limited my spending to Target’s ‘dollar’ section. Like most people I’m easily suckered by the fancy display that greets you at the … More Feeling the Love

Happy Friday!

These two fella can drive a girl crazy but they take good care of me. This week Danny made us dinner and Dad brought me Haagen-Dazs ice cream bars. This is a big deal because the man LOVES Edy’s slow-curned and HATES spending money. Buying me Haagen-Dazs is on par with buying me a car. … More Happy Friday!


MSU is in the Sweet Sixteen (again)* and I’m hoping they have a nice run. Since I graduated from the University of Michigan-Dearborn, people are sometimes surprise to know I’m all about the green and white. I love my alma mater but the truth is we’re the Wolves and not the Wolverines. Regardless, I root … More Sweet

Lesson Learned

Blogger lesson #3: Be your own photographer. The idea to have Danny take pictures for the site seemed brilliant when we bought the camera.  It was his new hobby and it would provide us with a couple’s project – he’d be Jimmy to my Lois Lane.  The fatal flaw in this plan is that he … More Lesson Learned

Uncle John

My high school graduation My Uncle John passed away last week.  He was a kind, thoughtful and loving person.  He was a bright spot at family events and we miss him.  In all my minimalist endeavors one item I’ve never considered parting with is my jewelry box. It was a gift from Uncle John and … More Uncle John