Weekend Update

No, I haven’t forgotten about the blog. Life has simply been so busy that I have a hard time balancing it all (another blog post). So here a few weekend highlights (aka evidence of the activity):

Friday: We celebrated Granny’s 71st birthday with a family dinner after work.

Lucas is 2 weeks younger but probably 4lbs heavier than Nova
Lucas has Grandma wrapped around his finger

Saturday: We traveled across the state to celebrate Grace Ann’s 12th birthday.

Birthday Girl Grace Ann and Erin on a dolphin
Sporting some navy and gold for the Irish
Grandpa B and his best buddy

Sunday: We continued the tradition of attending St. Aidan’s BBQ with Mr. B and Ann, welcomed B home from her vacation and weekly Gina visit (not pictured).

Danny has six siblings but is basically only ever pictured with Ann
Aunt B teaches Lucas and Dino the bongos
The piano is still his favorite


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