Stepping Up

It’s official – I’m a city commissioner! This week I was sworn into the Livonia Historical Commission and will serve a three year term to promote the events and activities at Greenmead Historical Park (and hopefully make it more profitable). With Sam’s birth only weeks away it can seem a little crazy to take on … More Stepping Up

Words of Wisdom

My adoration for the Roosevelts is well known. I strive to learn from their example and live a life that is productive. My guidebook for this endeavor is Eleanor Roosevelt’s You Learn by Living.  I read it often and read it again to start the year. I decided that it will be my new tradition … More Words of Wisdom

The Year Ahead

Going into 2018 with my Kate Middleton shirt and Meghan Markle hair (more on that later but spoiler alert: keratin is magic!). 2017 was a burn out year, I probably overextended myself and part of me wants to make 2018 the year of no. I’m always busy and lately I’m busier than usual. I like … More The Year Ahead

Lessons from my 20s

My twenties treated me well. I don’t have a complaint in the world. I spent most of the decade with Danny. I developed a great relationship with Mom and repaired my relationship with B. I’ve had good jobs and met the best people. I have AMAZING friends/family and made great memories.  And Lucas is the … More Lessons from my 20s


A weird thing happened this weekend, I felt like myself. It was like a light went on that I hadn’t even realized was off and it felt great. Life has been stressful and I’ve felt blue but I wouldn’t have really said I was depressed depressed. I suffered serious teenage angst and learned to counter … More Currently

Year in Review

Turns out I blogged a bit more than I thought this year. Here are some highlights: Detroit: Seldon Standard/Townhouse/Trinosophes/Central Kitchen + Bar/Huron Room/Detroit 75 Kitchen/Wintertime Fun Books: Some Luck trilogy/The Paris Wife/The Black Calhouns/Xander’s Panda Party/Liars & Saints/The Truth According to Us/ America’s First Daughter/ Dept. of Speculation/ How to be a Parisan/The Hamilton Affair Home: … More Year in Review

Dear America

Trumps latest comments are keeping me up. I’m not any more outraged by these tapes than I have been about basically all of his behavior and comments to this point. What burns at my soul is the fact that it will not make a difference. That these actions that should be accepted by no one … More Dear America

One Year Later

My dad passed away a year ago today. It’s a weird thing. It’s hard to miss someone you didn’t really see for 5 years. At the same time it’s hard not to think about them when an inheritance allowed you buy your dream home. I called my brother the other day and got his voicemail. … More One Year Later

Weekend Update

No, I haven’t forgotten about the blog. Life has simply been so busy that I have a hard time balancing it all (another blog post). So here a few weekend highlights (aka evidence of the activity): Friday: We celebrated Granny’s 71st birthday with a family dinner after work. Saturday: We traveled across the state to … More Weekend Update