Dear America

Trumps latest comments are keeping me up. I’m not any more outraged by these tapes than I have been about basically all of his behavior and comments to this point. What burns at my soul is the fact that it will not make a difference. That these actions that should be accepted by no one will be ignored, dismissed and rationalized by those who support him.

Fear and hatred runs far too deep in his following and it eats away at me. I take the attacks leveled personally.

As a woman I am offended by the callousness in which women are described, how our work is valued and the suggestion that sexual assault is no big deal.

As a person of color I am offended that the murder rate for unarmed or legally armed black men is treated as a simple incident/mistake and not an epidemic, that Hispanics are being labeled rapists and murders and have to fear for the unity of their family, that Muslims are not being treated like American citizens no matter how long they’ve been here or how they serve this country, that Native Americans have to continuously fight for the land they were promised after having been victims of an ignored genocide and the land stolen from them in the first place and that we will not open our doors, hearts or hashtags to those suffering in non-white countries. 

As a parent I am offended that procreation is considered an inconvenience and that fatherhood/paternity leave too often escapes the conversation.

As a person who grew-up at the poverty level, I’m offended that poor individuals and families and have to prove their value to society but Wall Street executives can commit vile crimes without punishment, celebrities can literally get away with murder and anyone who can afford a lawyer, accountant or doctor is far better off than someone who can’t.

As an American I am offended that we condemn those who kneel at the anthem but post lawn signs that say ‘Make America Great Again’ – we are either great and must be respected or we aren’t and what does it matter.

America is great. I am thankful everyday that I was born in a country where a hurricane, tornado, or terrorist attack is at the end of the day an inconvenient tragedy that we will recover from.

But I am ashamed that we are not doing great things. We do not value the dignity of human life – everyone should have access to quality education, a home and healthcare. We should value the service and dedication of police officers, fire fighters, and teachers more than football coaches  and we should pay them accordingly. We are all humans sharing ONE planet – we have no where else to go. There is no cost too great to protect our fresh water sources, the air we breath, the forests, farmland and oceans.

If we want to be a Christian nation that we must practice the message of Christ. It is not for us to judge others for how they live their life – we accept them, we love them, we sacrifice our comfort so they are cared for. We trust in God and do not let fear control our actions.

That’s all I can do at this point – have faith in God because right now I do not have faith in the American people. I pray that I am wrong because this is not a contest.


One thought on “Dear America

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