A picture without Lucas. Hard to believe but I’m trying to be a more attentive wife – mostly failing but still trying…

In other news, yesterday was a hard day. I literally cried and I don’t cry. But as Scarlett O’Hara says, ‘Tomorrow is another day’ so here we are. A new day and looking on the bright side.

Working out again. Well I worked out once – twice if you count a 5 minute standing ab workout that left me sore for 2 days. Danny and I had a gym date Sunday and it was needed. I’m joining the gym again and intend to get back into shape.

Planning meals. Here are this week’s item: Slow cooker beef stroganoff (AMAZING – we used egg noodles), Chicken in coconut mango verde sauce, and enchiladas.

Loving Luke Cage. MARVEL and Netflix really know what they’re doing and I’m obsessed with these shows. Luke Cage was probably my favorite because my current girl crush, Rosario Dawson (sorry Keri Russell), gets plenty of screen time.

Waiting for The Hamilton Affair to be available at the library because who isn’t talking Hamilton? Especially after this weekend!

Buying seasonal items for Lucas like these pjs. I selected Halloween and Election diapers for our recent Honest delivery but they ran out and sent all election ones – c’est la vie.  I’m thinking about getting this election item for myself.

Going to Grand Rapids this weekend so Lucas can visit Uncle Cory. We’re watching our budget but I’m hoping to get a nice meal or two since it’s the closest we’ll get to a vacation this year. Bon Apetit has an intriguing list – I definitely want to check out this ice cream shop.


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