Office Space


More house picture! I’m lucky to work from home on occasion so a dedicated office space is nice. It’s also a space I would like to use for yoga (although I’ll admit I haven’t yet). Light and airy was my office goal and I initially envisioned an entirely white space but when I conceded to the fact I needed to paint the ceiling I decided to have fun with it. Since I wanted to use the gold pendant from our townhouse, I picked out a similar gold for the ceiling. It’s subtle but fun and leaves me feeling like I’m inside a jewelry box.


The extra ‘ceiling’ space on the wall is one of my favorite things about the house. It’s a small but appreciated architectural detail that makes painting SO much easier!


I’ve gone through so many book shelves over the years I hated to buy another one but I caved. Fortunately, it’s small enough to re-purpose in a number of ways should I need to and it’s from IKEA so not exactly pricey.


Danny has an office/man cave that he built with his own two hands. It’s surprisingly large (although sparse, hence the narrow picture) and he did a great job putting in the floor and trim. He found an office inspiration look online but I take full credit for the bright blue accent.

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