My life is amazing. I’m beyond grateful for all of my blessings and want to embrace, enjoy and remember them forever. One way I decided to do this was to create short monthly videos of our family. I thought of this idea in April and this weekend completed our Year 1 video. Our lives changed … More 2015

Month 6

Six months seems like forever and no time at all! I don’t want to wish time away – especially since I love the holiday season, quality time with Danny and sleep – but I can’t wait to meet our little man. It becomes more real every day and we both are anxious to hold him … More Month 6

Month 5

I’m hoping I’m passed the halfway point now. I’m finally showing and it’s weird to see – I can’t imagine what it will be like next month! I love our little guy and can’t wait to hold him in my arms. In the meantime, I relish every kick and there are plenty to enjoy. The … More Month 5


Currently, I’m living the life of a girl on a budget aka homebound. With that preface, I do have¬†blog adventures in the works but not this week. Instead I’ll participate in a blogger staple and life update. Watching¬†Television sitcoms: Brooklyn 99 (still my favorite), Big Bang Theory (definitely interested in what’s going on with Shamy), … More Currently

Three Moments

There were moments in my life when I was close with my dad – brief, fleeting moments. I always wanted to have a close relationship with him but it wasn’t meant to be. I was surprised and disappointed to learn yesterday that he passed and that the possibility of him ever surprising me in better … More Three Moments

Month 4

When my Levinland co-workers were pregnant, I’d bring weekly fruit for photo-ops. I recently asked Sheila if she found me super annoying and was glad she at least won’t admit it. As previously noted, it’s unlikely I’ll be doing weekly posts. My overall enthusiasm is on an uptick; however, I remain fairly cautious. Mainly because … More Month 4


I’ve gone back and fourth about when to share our big news and I determined – like the situation itself – there is never a great time and you might as well just go for it. So here’s a throwback to June 21st – Danny’s first Father’s Day!* This was planned but still an unexpected … More Throwback


In a moment of part Britney Spears breakdown, frugality and being my mother’s daughter, I cut my hair. I literally looked at my hair in our downstairs bathroom, was annoyed by how obviously uneven it appeared, grabbed the kitchen scissors and cut off the longer end. I proceeded to cut the other side since the … More Chopped