I’ve gone back and fourth about when to share our big news and I determined – like the situation itself – there is never a great time and you might as well just go for it.

So here’s a throwback to June 21st – Danny’s first Father’s Day!*

This was planned but still an unexpected discovery. It all happened very quickly and I had a suspicion about the matter before taking the test at 2 a.m. that confirmed it. Danny has been wanting to share the news with the world since that very minute but I held him back on the social media front (it was helpless to try on the in-person front).

Ten weeks of internet silence seems fair enough, plus I feel the need to use this as an excuse for my bum blogging of late. So far nothing has been like I’ve expected and here are the highlights:

  • For the most part, the past two months have been spent on the couch or in bed sleeping.
  • This is far and away the best diet I’ve ever been on. I don’t even want ice cream and cannot remember what it is like to enjoy food! I literally don’t know what I’ll do when I want to eat again – it will feel so foreign.
  • I have NO idea how women survived without medication. I would seriously be completely incapacitated without Unisom and B6.
  • I resemble my girl Pam Anderson these days but, otherwise, its baby Houdini in here. If you follow my Instagram you might think I’m showing from this weekend’s pic but I have multiple confirmations that it was simply a bad angle.
  • I’ve taken zero before shots and am completely uncommitted to weekly tracking, MAYBE monthly but we’ll see.

If it weren’t for this snapshot, I’d be a skeptic about the whole thing and it took us nearly 8 weeks to get this! It’s a nearly 12 week picture where you can see we are at least expecting a human with little hands and feet (or a blob if you’re more like Mr. B).


So there you have the real news from my life. It’s far and away the most stressful and terrifying experience and I am fully aware this is the easy part! Nevertheless, I am looking forward to this next chapter and meeting this tiny person (hopefully on or slightly before February 27th). Friendly warning that baby posts will inevitably find their way on the blog. I fully intend to continue to share about Detroit but this is also how I keep track of my own life and this is a pretty big part of it.

*Important note: the outfit is not a hint of any kind it is merely the most gender neutral option I could find in the store that said ‘Daddy’. Danny would like a boy and I have no preference.

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