Happy Friday!

Misty Copeland

This time last year, I wrote a Friday post about Misty Copeland’s recently released Under Amour ad and my hope that it would help attract attention from the general public. That may not be the catalyst for her current fame but I’m so happy to see her mentioned regularly by various news outlets. I was particularly thrilled to read in the Detroit Free Press that she would be performing at the Detroit Opera House next year. The announcement generated tons of attention (my Facebook exploded with posts from people expressing interest) and I immediately pleaded to Danny for tickets. My dependable buddy for pricey outings, B, agreed to go with me and I was able to snag two of the few remaining low cost seats for next April. I am BEYOND excited! I never would have guessed she’d do a performance here or that I’d have the chance to see it. An added bonus is that I have not seen a performance of Sleeping Beauty yet.

Today is movie night with Kat. I haven’t seen her all summer and we have plenty to catch up on. Saturday morning, I’m hanging out with Melissa and will be taking her for her first trip to Eastern Market. In the evening Granny is coming over and we will be celebrating her 70th birthday. Sunday morning I have a blog interview that I’ll share Monday! Danny and I will also go on a date in the city – destination TBD. Gina will come over in the evening for the conclusion of Beach Flip.

P.S. Some week end inspiration

Photo credit: New York Times

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