The Next Stage – Year 28


Traditionally when I start a new phase of life I start a new blog, while this blog will likely evolve it will be at this url. 28 might now seem like a milestone but this year I’m going from me to mom and it’s scary. I have a history with anxiety and let’s just say I could probably use some Prozac these day. The saving grace of my anxiety is that my brain knows things will work out and simply rides out the emotional roller coaster.

As to this big birthday. Each year I set goals for improvement but this time I want consistency. Motherhood changes people, I know this. I know you can’t prepare for it but I’m aware that it’s fast approaching. In these 27 years – especially the last 10, I’ve worked diligently on self-improvement and discovering what I want in life. I think I have done a good job at it and consequently, want to maintain these habits. So while a lot of things will inevitably change, here are some things I hope stay the same.

Professional Development: Today I get an awesome gift – I start a new career. More details to come but it’s exciting and rewarding and I can’t wait to make an impact. I finally feel like I’m somewhere I can be for the long-haul and as a person who craves stability this is very comforting. That said, I don’t want to be too comfortable, I want to be challenged to learn and grow. Another way I want to continue to grow is at Inforum. It is a wonder and supportive environment and I plan to maintain my active involvement with the organization.

Fitness: My fitness routine ebs and flows but for the most part the gym is a regular stomping ground. In good weather, running is far and away my preference. Going into this pregnancy I hoped to maintain my more aggressive workout routine but morning sickness killed those dreams. Now I limit myself to walking and the elliptical – not as much as I should do but better than nothing. It’s my every intention to take Lucas on plenty of walks/runs and I also hope to keep up gym time with my favorite, sexy workout Wordbird.

Food: Seven years ago I literally didn’t know what garlic was, now we use it for almost everything. We’ve become total food snobs and while it’s not great for our grocery budget it is a hobby we both enjoy. Lucas is currently a picky eater but I hope he’ll follow our lead with food and we can keep the kitchen a family domain.

Socialization: My schedule is general packed and most weeks I only have one event free evening. I like keeping busy, trying new things and seeing my peeps. Naptimes and baby schedules can be restricting but a perk to having a homebody husband is that he can stay at home while I sneak out for a quick lunch or coffee date with friends.

Relationship: As previously noted, I love my life with Danny. We are hardly great romantics but we are very close and more than anything listed above I don’t want that to change. I don’t want our role as parents to eclipse our role as partners. His parents always went out on Friday nights and it’s something I’m considering. I am glad that we both work in the city and have the opportunity to go out for lunch on occasion. Budget is important but I’ll spare no expense to maintain our loving and happy marriage.

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