Bobcat Bonnie’s

Bobcat Bonnie's, Corktown, DetroitWe are massively behind on the Detroit food scene. There are simply too many restaurants and not enough time or money – although we’d probably find the time if money wasn’t a factor…

To celebrate our birthdays and eat food that tastes better and costs less than the Palace of Auburn Hills, we checked out Bobcat Bonnie’s Friday night. Back in the day (a couple years ago), this was a popular spot for my co-workers in Levinland but I never joined in on the lunch order for Oblivions. I recognized the exterior when we arrived but since I never went inside, I can’t say whether or not there has been a drastic change.

We arrived early for dinner and beat the Red Wing game day crowd. It didn’t take long for us to decide what to order and there are certainly no regrets. The French Dip sandwich was AMAZING! A definite winner and worth going back for. Since it’s Mr. B’s favorite sandwich we plan to take him soon. When we mentioned this to him, he asked where we’d park and I was delighted to inform him that they have their own (free) parking lot! Consequently, getting him out on the town shouldn’t be too big of a challenge. We also ordered one of their house specials –  Captain Crunch Chicken Fingers. They were also delicious and part of the Happy Hour special so literally cheaper than fast food.

Delicious food, great service, that signature ‘New Detroit’ atmosphere, a parking lot and I will quietly note they also have arcade games (quietly, because we keep meaning to go to Checker to see my cousin Anthony and they have arcade games too – includiung Qbert!) – it’s a complete package and somewhere I’ll include on a recommendation list.

I did snap a couple cellphone shots, Danny wanted a camera free date-night and I wanted to take advantage of us going to a new restaurant so we compromised.

Bobcat Bonnie's, Corktown, Detroit

Bobcat Bonnie's, Corktown, Detroit

Bobcat Bonnie's, Corktown, Detroit

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