Huron Room

I’ll start with hushpuppies because HUSHPUPPIES! When I was a kid we went to Long John Silvers – which is frankly odd because my mom doesn’t eat seafood – and I loved them. I have never seen them anywhere else and haven’t had them in probably two decades. Consequently, when I saw hushpuppies on the … More Huron Room

Bobcat Bonnie’s

We are massively behind on the Detroit food scene. There are simply too many restaurants and not enough time or money – although we’d probably find the time if money wasn’t a factor… To celebrate our birthdays and eat food that tastes better and costs less than the Palace of Auburn Hills, we checked out … More Bobcat Bonnie’s

Batch Brewing Company

Batch Brewery is a long anticipated addition to the Detroit beer scene. The nanobrewery is the first of its kind in the city and a winner of the 2013 Hatch Detroit business incubator contest. The location couldn’t be better, a short walk from Mudgie’s, it’s tucked into the Corktown neighborhood bar and perfect gathering space … More Batch Brewing Company

The Mercury Bar

The day I decided to start blogging with a purpose we met Kristin and Paul for dinner at the Mercury Bar. I didn’t really have a plan and the post reads like a Yelp review (albeit I don’t hate the food picture). Since I didn’t have great photography and my blogging format changed, I opted … More The Mercury Bar

The Top 10

It’s always interesting to see what blog post end up being popular. It often seems random and the posts I’m most excited for don’t get a lot of traffic or posts I feel could have been done better get lots of hits. Interestingly, my most popular post of all time is the International Literary Project … More The Top 10