Huron Room


I’ll start with hushpuppies because HUSHPUPPIES! When I was a kid we went to Long John Silvers – which is frankly odd because my mom doesn’t eat seafood – and I loved them. I have never seen them anywhere else and haven’t had them in probably two decades. Consequently, when I saw hushpuppies on the menu, I ordered them immediately and proceeded to eat them just as quickly and there is no picture. Let’s just say they are fresh and delicious and inevitably less greasy than the ones I had as a kid.

Here’s the thing – Michigan is the Great Lakes state but I can’t say that we are big on fish. I personally LOVE seafood but I can’t think of an area signature. As a result, I was excited when I learned the Huron Room was opening and surprised to discover it was a Michigan themed restaurant when we arrived.

It was a lunch date and not super busy – which was nice because the little man was only mostly content. I ordered the Hot Fish sandwich and loved it. Danny went with the signature fish and chips.

Great food, fun atmosphere, parking (always a plus) and conveniently close to my work which means I can try the Chowder for lunch soon!


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