Loving our Father’s Day look. I got sucked into a Facebook ad and bought this dress from SheIn. I feel horrible for ethical reasons but…. it is surprisingly nice quality, fits and looks great.

Exhausted. Working parenthood is rough. I say parenthood because it’s just as hard for Danny as it is for me – we both want to stay at home with Lucas! Fortunately, Starbuck’s vanilla sweet cream cold brew is a nice treat for an energy boost/pick-me-up.

Wearing a new shirt from Abercrombie that is perfect for work/casual nursing/pumping wear. I’m seriously considering getting another one in navy.

Laughing at this because it so accurately reflects 80% of my laundry pile.

Waiting for Hamilton to make it to a stage nearby (or a trip to NYC which I would LOVE) by watching this fun clip and placing the book on hold.

Reading kids books these days and Xander’s Panda Party is my favorite. Too cute!

Eating Hello Fresh this week and trying Martha Stewart’s new service Marley Spoon next week. I LOVE Martha and look forward to seeing how this compares.

Excited to become a homeowner and bummed we have to wait to move! We sign our life away later this week.

Planning our new home’s decor while we wait to move in. I’m most excited for the living room because there is a fireplace and will not have a tv! I’m almost 100% sure I’m going to use wallpaper as an accent wall. Also leaving my comfort zone and getting an area rug – living on the edge I know.

Absorbing every minute with my man and breaking all the rules but it can’t be helped. He’s simply too adorable.

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