Happy Friday


and Happy Father’s Day Wordbird!

Father’s Day will always be special to me because it’s when we found out I was pregnant. I bought Danny a card and an ‘I love Daddy’ onesie that Lucas was stuffed into one time.

Lucas definitely loves his Dad. From the very start if he was crying and I told him we were going home to Daddy he would calm down. Lucas is most content in Danny’s arm watching a game or Sportscenter. He already wants to be just like him and mimics his behavior. Lucas also shares Danny’s love for beat boxing and hatred for heat. They also share the obvious fair and handsome features.

This weekend we’ll be celebrating this wonderful Dad who changes diapers without being asked, makes bath time fun and says I love you countless times a day.We couldn’t ask for a better man.

P.S. Can’t forget about this guy


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