We must do better


I wasn’t going to post today. Not because I’m not saddened and shaken by Orlando but because I’m tired of the hate and the violence.

I hate that malls make me nervous now and that I’m always looking for an exit. I hate that Lucas is growing up in a world that is losing its humanity more and more every day. I hate that I have to hope that rapists aren’t black and mass murderers aren’t Muslim. I hate that our country is so divided that we can’t pass gun control legislation and fund it so it can be enforced.

But a friend commented on my Facebook post that I was her only straight friend to acknowledge the hate crime and I hate that far more.

So I am writing this post because no matter how many more times we must hear about these horrible crimes, we can’t ignore it. We can’t bury our heads in the sand. No matter how tired we are of this vicious cycle we must remember that lives were lost. Sons, daughters, husbands, wives, friends and neighbors. People who never thought they wouldn’t see their home and family again and people who will never see their home or family the same way again.

My heart breaks for the LGBTQ community and for Muslim Americans.

We must do better.

More love. NoH8.

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