Happy Friday


I waited a long time for this moment but it’s too early to celebrate (and ironically too late – I slept through the whole thing…). Hopefully, I’ll celebrate in November when the fear of Trump is behind us all. Poor souls I meet are subjected to my daily rant against mostly Bernie Sanders (not a Democrat: he knew Hillary would win: he doesn’t represent a movement because he’s not campaigning with anyone who is running for Congress and could pass legislation: he’s risking a Trump presidency).

I can’t even bare to complain about Trump and will simply leave it at mass disappointment in the GOP for letting this happen and can anyone truly believe Trump cares about their best interest? People can complain all they want about politicians but at the end of the day most of them are motivated by legacy not money. This typically means they want people to be prosperous. Trump doesn’t want people to be prosperous, he wants to be rich and famous.

It’s a sad state of affairs when it takes to paragraph three to say how wonderful Hillary Clinton is. She is intelligent, level-headed, pragmatic, experienced and kindhearted. I will repeat this story many times but I have met her twice and both times she spoke to me with interest and did not rush the interaction. Keep in mind the first time it was a crowded event with hundreds of people pushing all around and I was screaming at her like a banchee from excitement. I look forward to her proving everyone wrong.

ANYWAY… the weekend. Work events and cuddles.

P.S. We currently have a bad-ass President


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