Hello Fresh


For years I’ve been reading about meal delivery services and believed they were standard paid blog posts – nice concepts but not affordable. I would have continued that belief if we weren’t gifted 3 free meals (which I upgraded to 5 for a mere $20).

UPS totally messed up delivery of our first order and I waited a couple weeks until there were 5 meals that I felt we would enjoy. Our first box arrived Friday and we have been blown away!

Hello Fresh is fantastic. The recipes are amazing and the produce is fresh. The cost is also reasonable considering how much we spend on groceries. We won’t do it every week but I’m sure we’ll do it at least once a month.

Why I like it:

  • Food variety. Each meal is different and uses ingredients we wouldn’t even think to find in the store – I’m not even sure Kroger sells lemongrass. The Paprika Rubbed Chicken with barley, tomato and avocado salad is not something we ever would have tried on our own but we loved it.
  • Less food waste. I’m ashamed at the amount of food we throw away because we didn’t use it in time or had more leftovers than we could eat. Each box gives us exactly what we need so we don’t have to be wasteful.
  • Balanced Meals. We suck at eating vegetables. We have made slight improvements but this really ensured we had a colorful plate and something other than broccoli.
  • Meal Planned. It’s no secret that I hate meal planning. This really helps take the pressure off. Knowing that I would only have to think of 4 meals for a week is WAY easier than 7.


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