I’m seriously crushing on this dress and it’s only $50. Not the most practical for my nursing life but an hour on Sundays could work?

I wish I had made at least some progress on this weight thing and then it could be a reward. Alas, when having to choose between being with Lucas or going to the gym, the former wins every time. Not to mention we had a container of peanuts we forgot to use for a Thai recipe and to prevent food waste, I decided to make peanut buster sundaes with Sander’s hot fudge…

Lucas always wins and for that reason I’m forcing myself to overcome my admittedly selfish desire to be with him always and starting a schedule that includes sleeping in his crib. He’s ready and I do believe he will sleep better in his room opposed to the living room surrounded by talking, television and lights. It’s painful but will help us both in the long run.

Off to meal plan for the coming week while I count the  78 minutes until I’ll get to cuddle my baby.

Photo credit: Sequins and Stripes Instagram

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