At A Glance

Well it’s May. I go back to work at the end of the month. I try not to think about it too much but the lump in my throat is always there. Once I’m back at work, weekends are going to have a special meaning I haven’t felt since gradeschool and I want to start capturing some of these special moment now.


Saturday morning we watched Aidan’s baseball team in a tournament game – they won the championship Sunday!


After the game we stopped by Cara and Matt’s for a visit. Lucas mostly screamed on the top of his lungs while we walked him around the house but he did make a trip out to see the chickens.


As noted above May is a big month, we met the Hakalas at Coldstone to end April with ice cream therapy. Lucas wasn’t thrilled to be left out of dessert but Gwen LOVED visiting with her Lukey – she adores him.


Sunday’s best for Mass. This new dress from Old Navy is super cute (and because it’s Old Navy and sizes never make sense – an XS) but not nursing friendly. Thankfully, we made it home from church before I needed to change to feed our hungry stud.


New month, new goals. I want to run a mile every non-rain day. I managed 1.15 miles in 12 minutes and 50 seconds. Not bad considering I’m sorely out of shape. I’m also doing daily yoga and a 30 day ab challenge. Add a day or two a week at the gym for arms/back/chest strengthen training, hopefully I’ll be back in shape soon.


I had hopes for a post-run iced latte and semi-light reading but it lasted all of 5 minutes before little big man woke up.


My mom stopped by for a visit and Lucas was on his disgruntled behavior. A silver lining was that I was actually able to calm him down by just being close. I’m not convinced he really knows who I am but moments like these make me think I’m leaving an impression on him.


Gina and I at our standing OUAT date night. Cirdan was intrigued and happy as a clam. I could have used some wine to get through the horrid writing but I do love this tradition.


Our final visitor was the birthday girl. Lucas was a bit fussy and Aunt B didn’t feel like he should be tormented with a blog photo. The result is a perfect picture to conclude a perfect weekend.

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