Lucas Month 2


Two months! Two amazing, fantastic, glorious months with my little man. I don’t want to give the false impression that everything is perfect because it’s not. Lucas can be inconsolable unless fed at times, he will refuse to sleep and scream out of exhaustion, he’s also not great at being alone but I honestly don’t mind the fussiness. My heart breaks for him when he’s upset because he’s a baby and I don’t want him to feel abandoned but it doesn’t upset me. I honestly enjoy every second of being Lucas’ mom. The hardest part is putting him down for any reason.

I’m not sure Lucas knows who we are most of the time but on occasion he seems to. He looks at us now and we can make him smile and laugh.

His pediatrician said we would notice a change at two months and we have. He’s focusing on his surroundings and is intrigued by mobiles (why none of them move on their own is frustrating).

I swear he knows when I’m trying to take pictures of him with my phone because he’ll immediately stop doing the action I was trying to capture and stare at it.

He is a little teapot – short (22in/36%) and stout (12.5lbs/76%).

He genuinely likes his little piggy. I gave it to him a few weeks ago while I was folding laundry and he seemed to like it. His affection has grown and it’s so sweet to watch.

Lucas loves to babble. I think he’ll talk eary because his babbles often resembles real words. Eager parents perhaps still…

Tummy-time is a struggle. He hates it, I hate him being miserable – not our favorite time of day.

Although he doesn’t like being on his tummy he LOVES to sit up and if he’s laying on me he knows how to army scoot to his food source.

He doesn’t sleep through the night but he sleeps for longer stretches all the time so I’m not worried. He continues to cry or even scream in his sleep and I hate it. Fortunately, he offers some pretty great smiles too.

The carseat is our secret weapon. He always sleeps in the car and has only been awake for one of dozens of walks. As soon as I step outside he’ll close his eyes and start to sleep (no matter how much he was screaming before).

He’s a handsome boy and completely wrapped around our finger.

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