Our Family Traditions

It’s hard to believe it’s already Thanksgiving! We’ll be with Danny’s family in the afternoon and my family in the evening. Some of his siblings will be there, others won’t. Same for my family. Some people who are out of town aren’t coming in and, unfortunately, some family I saw growing up I don’t see … More Our Family Traditions

Year 6

  When Danny and I first started dating I was at my lowest weight because I was too happy to eat. We saw each other every day for a year and texted good morning and good night without fail. These days we see each other every day but we almost never say good morning or … More Year 6


Currently I would argue that in addition to love you also need high volumes of caffeine, sleep and a vacation (a staycation would do). I’m drowning in activity these days and failing at my main new year’s resolution…. it was a rainy day for last week’s flower party and I was more exhausted than chipper … More Currently

Fast Four

Life is busy. One day it won’t be so in the meantime I’m embracing the chaos and doing my best. We’re going to see the Avengers tomorrow and I can’t wait but totally can wait at the same time. I fear my beloved Captain America will die and I just can’t. MARVEL is my happy space … More Fast Four

Fast Four

I’m exciting for the weekend but hurting too. Kat is coming over for girls night today. Cara is hosting an Easter Egg hunt for the kiddos Saturday and Gina and Lindsey will be there. I need to find a way to see Melissa and Raechel so I can see all my friends in one weekend! … More Fast Four

Choose Love

Annecia moved in with us last month and last week her car broke. We had three options: Let her figure it out Buy a beater for her to drive Buy a new car for us and let her drive Danny’s car. In the first, she has no means to get a car and without one she’d … More Choose Love