Fast Four

I’m exciting for the weekend but hurting too. Kat is coming over for girls night today. Cara is hosting an Easter Egg hunt for the kiddos Saturday and Gina and Lindsey will be there. I need to find a way to see Melissa and Raechel so I can see all my friends in one weekend! … More Fast Four

Choose Love

Annecia moved in with us last month and last week her car broke. We had three options: Let her figure it out Buy a beater for her to drive Buy a new car for us and let her drive Danny’s car. In the first, she has no means to get a car and without one she’d … More Choose Love

Words of Wisdom

Dinner conversations around here can be hard to come by. Even though we see Mr. B three times a week for dinner (and maybe in part because we do), our polarizing world views keep our safe topics to a minimum. Consequently, work ends up dominating my contributions. I work a lot and my hours are … More Words of Wisdom

The Year Ahead

Going into 2018 with my Kate Middleton shirt and Meghan Markle hair (more on that later but spoiler alert: keratin is magic!). 2017 was a burn out year, I probably overextended myself and part of me wants to make 2018 the year of no. I’m always busy and lately I’m busier than usual. I like … More The Year Ahead

Lessons from my 20s

My twenties treated me well. I don’t have a complaint in the world. I spent most of the decade with Danny. I developed a great relationship with Mom and repaired my relationship with B. I’ve had good jobs and met the best people. I have AMAZING friends/family and made great memories.  And Lucas is the … More Lessons from my 20s

Year 5

These 5 years have been incredible. I love Danny now more than ever and if I had to do it again today I’d be more enthusiastic and excited than the first time because like fine wine, Danny only gets better with age. That said, marriage isn’t always easy. As previously noted I’ve been in a … More Year 5


A weird thing happened this weekend, I felt like myself. It was like a light went on that I hadn’t even realized was off and it felt great. Life has been stressful and I’ve felt blue but I wouldn’t have really said I was depressed depressed. I suffered serious teenage angst and learned to counter … More Currently

Take the Knee

There are so many things going on in the news that I don’t know where to begin. I miss the days when national tragedies happened a few times a year verses a few times a week (day). First and foremost, we need to prioritize our help for those in Puerto Rico and other Caribbean nations. … More Take the Knee

Fall Favorites

It’s crazy hot and humid around here but I will not let that put a damper on my sweater weather season. The sweater and jeans are from the GAP outlet and I plan to live in them for the next two months at least. Other fall things I’m really looking forward to: Making // Apple butter for … More Fall Favorites