Fast Four

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I’m exciting for the weekend but hurting too. Kat is coming over for girls night today. Cara is hosting an Easter Egg hunt for the kiddos Saturday and Gina and Lindsey will be there. I need to find a way to see Melissa and Raechel so I can see all my friends in one weekend! What used to be a regular occurrence is so rare these days. But given the egg hunt in Howell at 1pm, I can’t march – all March 4 Our Lives activities are at noon. I didn’t even realize it until Danny reminded me the other day. Being physically present to support a cause I believe in is very important to me and it’s an example I want to set for Lucas. I feel selfish not being there but I can’t be everywhere and it’s more important to show my support and love for my best friend. I’ll think of other ways to support the cause.

I’m fascinated by Cynthia Nixon’s plans for enacting change. I’m surprised by her campaign and like her message. I don’t have great optimism for our future as a species but I am heartened by all the men and especially women who are taking a risk and taking a stand to make this world a better place. I really hope people with good hearts and intentions win out AND figure out how to govern effectively quickly. A few local candidates I’m supporting are my friend Rashida Tlaib, Haley Stevens and Dayna Polehanki.

Speaking of good hearts, NPR aired an old interview Terry Gross did with Father Greg Boyle and he said, “If you’re humble, you’ll ask the poor, what would help you? But if you’re led by hubris, then you tell the poor, here’s what your problem is; here’s how you fix yourself.” It’s something I strongly believe and try to be aware of and not just with those struggling financially but all people. I want to check out his book Barking to the Choir.

Back to the March 4 Our Lives, this month’s HamDrop, ‘Found Tonight’, is beautiful. I’d never hear of Dear Evan Hansen before and was glad I clicked on Patricia Richardson’s tweet to find this awesome rendition of ‘You Will Be Found’. Music is powerful.

And because it cannot be ignored, Stephon Clark was another unarmed black man who was killed by the police simply because he was a black man. I’m sure there will be no justice and it makes me sick. I have so much to say and yet there are no words, we must do better.

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