Stepping Up

It’s official – I’m a city commissioner! This week I was sworn into the Livonia Historical Commission and will serve a three year term to promote the events and activities at Greenmead Historical Park (and hopefully make it more profitable). With Sam’s birth only weeks away it can seem a little crazy to take on … More Stepping Up

Fast Four

I’m exciting for the weekend but hurting too. Kat is coming over for girls night today. Cara is hosting an Easter Egg hunt for the kiddos Saturday and Gina and Lindsey will be there. I need to find a way to see Melissa and Raechel so I can see all my friends in one weekend! … More Fast Four

Women’s March Detroit

We joined the Sister March in Detroit for the Women’s March on Washington Saturday and it was an incredible experience. After a dreary Friday, the sun was out and it felt like a message from above. It was a peaceful gathering of thousands who care about their community and country. It is our right and responsibility as … More Women’s March Detroit

My President

I’ve lived with my head in the sand these last few months. Hoping for a miracle, hiding from the truth… In 2008, Election Day was my birthday and I hosted a watch party at the university with the College Democrats and Student Government. It was a big day and I was optimistic but even still … More My President

SVU: Detroit Edition

I have a lot of residual guilt from being rough (often times mean) to B while we were growing up.  I didn’t do it on purpose but it happened and I know that it strained our relationship.  Thankfully, things have really improved over the past year and with her moving back home in the spring … More SVU: Detroit Edition