Women’s March Detroit


We joined the Sister March in Detroit for the Women’s March on Washington Saturday and it was an incredible experience. After a dreary Friday, the sun was out and it felt like a message from above. It was a peaceful gathering of thousands who care about their community and country.

It is our right and responsibility as citizens of a democracy to voice our opinion and to advocate for the policy and principles we believe in. We have not done enough of that in America and I hope that this weekend’s march is simply the tip of the iceberg – a turning point in a progressive and peaceful revolution that re-establishes our American values.

I hope there are more marches in the coming months and years for equality, truth, and justice. We’ll have our signs and walking shoes ready.

Tonight I’m off to a Democratic Club meeting to get to work. There are so many challenges facing this country and the world, I’m going to zero in on my own community and will work to elect representatives at the state and federal legislative level who believe that housing and education are rights – not luxuries, that stealing while wearing a white collar is just as much of a crime – if not worse – than stealing while wearing a blue one, that climate change is real and we must protect our planet, that immigrants are not our enemy but are the people who have helped built this country, that if we want to claim to be a Christian nation than we must follow the message of Christ – love our neighbors, help the poor, and not pass judgement. There are more issues of course but those are a few pressing priorities.

Let’s get to work.









2 thoughts on “Women’s March Detroit

  1. Hi Carrie,
    Just wondering if you can keep me in the loop for upcoming marches. If you know someone I could contact please let me know that as well.
    Thank you for all you do! I look forward to hearing from you soon! Cheryl


    1. Oh there are plenty! Are you on Facebook? Do you live in Michigan? There are so many events and they change location/time because the sizes grow but a couple of upcoming events.

      Tonight: Take On Hate TownHall in Dearborn

      February 11th: Support Planned Parenthood march in Detroit in the morning and the Michigan Democratic Party Convention is that day also.


      Hope this helps!


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