Stepping Up


It’s official – I’m a city commissioner! This week I was sworn into the Livonia Historical Commission and will serve a three year term to promote the events and activities at Greenmead Historical Park (and hopefully make it more profitable).

With Sam’s birth only weeks away it can seem a little crazy to take on more (I certainly had a moment of thinking that it was) but it’s SO easy to be busy.

And I am busy – overwhelmingly so most days – but as much as I loathe being busy, I despise making excuses. I believe that if you can do something to make someone’s life easier or the world better, you should. I strive to live up to the legacy of the Roosevelts and the example so recently being set by women across the county – including my friend Rashida Tlaib.

We live in Livonia and the average resident is realistically 60 years or older. Demographics are inevitably going to shift (and they have already started to) but so much of what the city puts out is for seniors. That’s not a bad thing but I do think it is a missed opportunity. I also think it reflects the fact that seniors have more time to dedicate to advocacy and volunteering than younger people.

It’s that busy thing I hate and I’m hoping that by finding the time to get involved and bringing the boys with me to meetings and events I can be an example for other younger parents that you don’t have to have time away from your kids to make a difference.

Growing up my mom took us to school and work with her. I’m sure it was very stressful for her but I’ve always been very proud of her for not letting kids stop her from doing what needed to be done. I think it was a great example for me and B and it’s an example I want to set for Lucas and Sam. I strongly believe that kids should be exposed to adult responsibilities so they aren’t surprised by them later.

Lucas went to the first commission meeting with me (and he’ll be joining again next week) and my swearing in ceremony. This summer I’ll bring him along for events and when I need to volunteer. I may not always bring him with me but I intend to bring him along more often than not because I want civic engagement to be part of his life. I don’t want him to think that getting involved is beyond his reach, too much work or an inconvenience.

I have a lot of ideas about family-friendly activities that can take place at Greenmead (and ways to promote the events that already are) and I hope that we can mobilize more younger people to find the time to get involved too!

Get ready to learn more about Livonia.

One thought on “Stepping Up

  1. I live in St. Clair Shores, which also has a lot of elders, and it shows in our city’s social and recreational offerings. I see young people complain about it on our city facebook page, and I harrumph a bit because the elders have opportunities because they have been creating them their whole lives. We volunteered when we were young and middle aged and now older. Being “too busy” is an excuse for feeling entitled. Congratulations for stepping up, Carrie. You are creating a wonderful example for your sons–and others in your age demographic. As Gandhi said,
    Be the change you want to see in the world.” Good job.


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