Mother’s Day

I wanted to be a mom my entire life. I was the girl that carried around her baby doll (including ones I drew on paper and cut out) and played house. It was always my #1 career aspiration and what I planned my life around. It’s not the PC thing to say in 2019 but … More Mother’s Day

Samuel Anders

Our little Sam Man came into the world the day after spring began and he’s perfection. Life was so hectic and busy throughout the pregnancy that besides for being very sick in the beginning, I didn’t get bogged down by it. As low-key as Sam was in the womb he is outside of it. He … More Samuel Anders

Stepping Up

It’s official – I’m a city commissioner! This week I was sworn into the Livonia Historical Commission and will serve a three year term to promote the events and activities at Greenmead Historical Park (and hopefully make it more profitable). With Sam’s birth only weeks away it can seem a little crazy to take on … More Stepping Up

Parenting Rules?

I’m not the mom I thought I’d be. I’ve determined it’s impossible to really understand parenting until you’re parenting. I think the hardest concept to comprehend is that you’re starting from literal nothingness. You can see a kid at a store and have thoughts how you’d improve that child’s behavior in the moment but it’s … More Parenting Rules?


I don’t think work-life balance exists. I think you do the best you can, when you can. Being a working mom isn’t easy but I think it’s good.* I want Lucas to have a strong work ethic and – hopefully – he’ll learn valuable lessons from seeing me work. Nevertheless, I know that he hears … More Balance

Baking with Baby

One of my favorite things to do is cook but I haven’t been able to do it much since Lucas was born. Now that he’s older, I’m getting back into the kitchen and bringing him with me. This week we took the apples from the orchard and made apple butter and apple rhubarb pie. Lucas … More Baking with Baby

Fast Four

Life is in top gear these days. We are moving full (time working and parenting) speed ahead with the kitchen and should be completely done by next week! Lucas’ first ear infection has slowed us down a little this week but thankfully he’s in good spirits and on the mend! Collins and Murkowski are prime … More Fast Four

Motherhood defined

Friday night Kat asked how I would feel if Lucas grew up to be a Republican. Without hesitation or doubt, my answer was that I would have failed as a mother if that happened. It isn’t a political statement, it’s moral one. At this moment in time the Republican Party has demonstrated that it will … More Motherhood defined