Fast Four


Life is in top gear these days. We are moving full (time working and parenting) speed ahead with the kitchen and should be completely done by next week! Lucas’ first ear infection has slowed us down a little this week but thankfully he’s in good spirits and on the mend!

Collins and Murkowski are prime examples of why we need more women in Washington. They consistently put the people and policy above politics.

I doubt I’ll be able to read HRC’s new book but we’ll definitely be reading this picture book.

One of my favorite bloggers made some personal recommendations for wall art based on a picture I shared of our basement. It was so sweet and this suggestion was spot on. Kelly Ventura’s designs are gorgeous and I can’t decide which print to get.

My favorite blog series is back! I love reading how people around the world live (and parent).


2 thoughts on “Fast Four

  1. The blog series about parenting around the world sounds fascinating. I read a book that explored different parenting practices around the world once that was really interesting. It was called How Eskimos Keep Their Babies Warm.


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